Think future-forward


ASEAN sei-katsu-sha’s
lives with Assistive Media

We believe that the next thing to change the lives of ASEAN sei-katsu-sha
after the smartphone will be Assistive Media, which will spread with adoption
of the IoT.
As we see more and more people breaking free from boring routines,
Match-Me journey, a purchasing behavior optimized for the individual, will
become more prevalent.

Technology or
Beyond the Screen/Me Data/Recommendation
Personalized media
Optimal solutions at the optimal time
Anytime Anyplace
Purchasing process optimized for the individual

Let’s take a look at the future, where we will be offered optimal solutions at
the optimal time in various scenes in our lives.

Takes over the boring routine
  • “Moisturizer subscription”Smart mirror notifies the moisturizer is running out, and automatically places an order on the estimated “usual moisturizer” in shopping website.
  • “Morning preparation for daily commute”When it is time to leave home, smartphone notifies the car to start an engine and tells you the expected arrival time. During commuting, it orders a coffee to be delivered at your office.
Provides a solution to the problem
  • “Propose solution for stain removal” When you tell your smartphone "I spilled coffee on my shirt!”, it will propose the best way to solve problems and the shopping websites that will deliver shirts within 2 hours.
  • “Detect car parts that needs to be inspected, and navigate to the dealer” The car will alert you when there are parts that need to be inspected, such as low tire pressure, book the appointment with nearest dealer and guide you there.
  • “Monitor health condition and suggest a remedy for health recovery” Health checker does not miss the change in body temperature and blood pressure. It can recommend delivery of healthy food, purchase medicine or book a consultation at the hospital.
Mood-based recommendations
  • “Propose promotion of a nice restaurant for the weekend after arriving home feeling tired” Smart mirrors, televisions, smartphones and other devices read facial expressions, and in collaboration with data such as preference and interest, introduce products and promotions that match the moment.

As ASEAN sei-katsu-sha changes through IoT, do companies or brands see
this as a threat or opportunity?
We regard it as “opportunity” because the point of contact between brand
and sei-katsu-sha does not end at “buying place”. Thanks to Assistive Media,
the amount of touch point increases as it extends into their entire living

The point of contact between brand and sei-katsu-sha
spreads from the buying place to the entire living space.